Cloud Research Lab

Using the Amazon Cloud, we created a centralized research facility for scientists to perform statistical epidemiological research.

Project Highlights:

  • Over 100 scientists from around the world simultaneously conduct epidemiological research using our Research Lab.
  • Data of over 100M patients are available within the Research Lab.
  • The Lab allows the automation of treatment-outcome association analysis using 20 statistical methods
  • 15 scientific papers have been published based on the conducted research
  • The Lab allows the massively parallel launch of hundreds of experiments
  • It is currently the largest SAS/R infrastructure on the cloud
  • It provides HIPAA-compliant data security to safeguard sensitive Patient Health Information (PHI)
Cloud Research Lab

Clinical Data Warehouse

A real time data warehouse that consolidates information from a variety of clinical sources to present a unified view of clinical studies.

Project Highlights:

  • Consolidated and formatted data such as patient demographics, ICD-9 encounters, lab results, pharmacy information, genomic data are integrated into a centralized data warehouse
  • The CDISC standards-based warehouse is structured in ODM format.
  • It allows to perform data aggregation and conversion to generate SDTM format of all collected information
  • It supports the automation of manual processes of data conversion and the load to creation of submission material to FDA
  • It provides multiple predefined visualizations
  • It supports decision making through reporting and browsing: Patient Profiling, Summary Listings, cohort visualizations
  • It allows to create tables and listings for reporting to FDA
  • It has SAS Integration
  • It is Part 11 compliant and fully documented for easy validation at the client site
Clinical Data Warehouse

Medical Observation Visualization

Medical Observation Visualization

Data Visualization application provides real-time access to statistical results

Project Highlights:

  • Real-time interaction and visualization of epidemiological experiments
  • Ability to support large number of simultaneous users
  • Support for computers via browser, iPhone, Android phones
  • Data aggregated from thousands of experiments and millions data points
  • Support for variety of DBMS’s

Gene Central

Centralized repository of gene information resource portal to facilitate research

Project Highlights:

  • The solution provides mechanism to collect gene sequences and related information from private and public sources
  • It creates comprehensive web services architecture access central gene database
  • It automates and loads and distributes semi-manually gene sequences from corporate and open source resources
  • It builds mechanisms for information extraction and search allowing third party developers to build interface software to other applications, e.g. Sequence Exploration, Data Mining, etc.
  • The system performs gene annotation to mark up descriptive notations such as names, functions and biological features
  • It is used at to five large pharmaceutical companies

Healthcare Projects Examples

Centralized repository of gene information resource portal to facilitate search and research

Project: Medical Bulletin Workflow

  • We created a corporate workflow system to submit bulletin recommendations to doctors generated by prospective analytics (not in the chart)
  • This provides a web-based mechanism to report PHI over Intranet and non-PHI information using extranet process

Project: Clinical Content Editor

  • We developed applications that replaced a large set of paper-based medical SOPs for doctors and nurses with an electronic version
  • The application distributed to over 80% of the hospitals in the US

Project: Health data collection and aggregation

  • We created an automated solution to collect data from 40 large health organization. Organized data into a consistent architecture
  • This provides a web based system management and reporting

Other developed Software Applicatuons


  • FDA Warning Letters, Regulations, and USCs cross-reference search engine


  • Safety Letter Distribution
  • Investigator Data Base
  • Automatic distribution tracking

XPT Viewer/Utilities

  • SAS export datasets conversion libraries API and utilities


  • DBMS replication.
  • Masking proprietary information (e.g. HIPAA).